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Ear Cuff jewelry in the pursuit of beauty and identity, lots people enjoy to play with our looks. The annals of ear adornment goes back thousands of years and covers a broad selection of cultures. Warriors wore stoppers to enhance girls and their fierceness wore gold hoops to enrich their desirability. Sailors wore earrings to signify which they survived a ship wreck and some folks only wore the jewelry simply because they liked the way it looked.

Like a Christmas tree with its decorations, our ears need something to enrich their characteristics that are desired. If a person does not desire a piercing but enjoys the design of plugs or the studs then they are able to check imitation ear piercing out.

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Outlining the ear can develop a style statement that is good. A lacy metallic edge effect that enhances the model of the ear is created by this style of piercing. Some people outline the cartilage lining the ear that is essential and will add tiny size pearls that go up the ear lobe. This alternative of piercing creates an elegant statement of style.

Clipon earrings could be clipped to the ear with clips or screws without poking holes in the skin. Ear cuffs are a very easy way without really piercing the ear to summarize the ear. One such cuff was seen in the shape of a long, miniature lizard that wrapped itself around the upper point of the ear and curled around the boundary of the lobe. The lizard seemed so real that the wearer had folks asking how she could wear this kind of creature .

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As there are people who prefer to wear them, there are as many styles of earrings. A bar dangles through the upper cartridge of the outer ear day that is modern.

Obviously there are still the clip-on styles from the past that tend not to require any piercings and are simple to use. You have just one set of earrings dangling from your ears or just can cover your ears; whatever you select, you may make any fashion statement. Our Facebook Page.